Injury Announcement

Unfortunately on July 8th at Women’s Wrestling Army I tore my meniscus. My orthopedic has confirmed I will be getting surgery on Monday & will be out of wrestling for an indeterminate amount of time. Due to this, I will be unable to fight in my upcoming battles.

First I want to start by thanking everyone at Women’s Wrestling Army and Battleclub Pro for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to shine against someone on my bucket list for many years, Lufisto. A heartfelt thank you to Maria Kanellis, Bobby Cruise, Allison Danger, Joakim from Battleclub Pro, Allie Recks, Jordan Blade, Ashley D’Amboise & all those from the locker room who not only lent emotional support but helped me get home safely from Chicago. It was an absolute joy to be a part of your locker room.

I fully believe Titans Nation and the New York Champion Wresting community deserve a champion who can fight & defend The Shiney, & there are warriors who deserve the opportunity to do so. Due to this, as of this past week, I have vacated both the Goddesses of War Shiney & The NYCW Women’s Shiney. I was honored to be your champion.

I don’t know what the future for The Gladiator of the Geeks looks like at this time & I don’t know how this story will end. But please know that each and every one of you who have been a part of my journey, whether as peers or as fans, has impacted my heart in a way I could never imagine. 

Thank you for allowing me to be your Awkward Turtle. ⚔️🤓🐢